2. Usage

2.1. Browsing test histories

To browse test histories, open the URL specified by BASE_URL in /path/to/web-server/test_history_server/test_history_server/site/settings.py.

2.2. Uploading test reports

The following example illustrates how to add test reports to the database:

import requests

r = requests.post('<settings.BASE_URL>/rest/submit_report',
          'token': <test_server_token>,
          'repo_name': <repo_name>,
          'repo_owner': <repo_owner>,
          'repo_branch': <repo_branch>,
          'repo_revision': <repo_revision>,
          'build_num': <build_num>,
          'report_name': <extra textual label for individual reports within build, such as to indicate results from different versions of Python>,
          'report': </path/to/junit-style-XML-test-report.xml>,

r_json = r.json()

if not r_json['success']:
    raise BuildHelperError('Error uploading report to test history server: {}'.format(r_json['message']))